Visions: Allison Strangles Helga


art by Yves Roux


5 Responses to “Visions: Allison Strangles Helga”

  1. cool! I would love to see just a touch of red in it for all the blood that was in this scene. Boy, that Helga was a hulk!

  2. I Guess this is over?

  3. fallout11 Says:

    Sure looks like it, Amaro. A shame, too.

  4. Is there going to be anymore? Please Alison, update again!

  5. GTChicago Says:

    Is it over? 😦 That’s unfortunate. You had me hooked on your characters. I have visions of all the places Allison went.

    Boooooooooooo hisssssss.. 🙂

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