To the Lighthouse

Another survivor out there, another glimmer of hope…

Alive in Cairo


11 Responses to “To the Lighthouse”

  1. So does this mean no more news from Allison?

  2. follow spot Says:

    I’m satisfied as long as you keep updating Cairo. To the rest of the Allison fans, check out the new blog! Can’t you see themes? It’s the author’s writng there, too, and that’s what we’re all so addicted to. Whoever it is would update Allison if it were possible, so let’s just give them a break!

  3. Any link to Cairo available?

  4. Are we going to get anything new anytime soon?

  5. OK now I haven’t heard from Allison or Cairo in a really long time. Anybody left out there?

  6. So what, it’s over?

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