09-26-09 – The Dirty Girls Social Club

Haircuts today.

I’m not bothered by it, I’ve had short hair for a few years now. I used to rock that long, layered look with a few lowlights and then my mom and I decided to chop it all off for Locks of Love. This was before she got cancer, kind of ironic I guess. Or is that Allanis Morisette ironic? Not-ironic-just-shitty-kind-of-ironic? Anyway, we both found out at that point that we liked having short hair, so we just kept it. When Mom was diagnosed I shaved my head in solidarity. It’s grown in again but today we’ll chop it off again.

I used to joke that maybe the wig my mom got was made out of her own hair, or mine. She never wore it much, she looked good with a Q-ball and I think owning it, embracing it gave her strength.

Janette is worried that she’ll look like a boy. I insist that she won’t, and also that at this point it really doesn’t matter. I’m worried that we’ll get fleas or worse, lice. Without a functioning shower it’s impossible to stay even moderately clean. I think this is the first step. Holly takes it like a champ and really, she could look worse. Janette’s long, strong-chinned face isn’t exactly flattered by short hair, and she looks like someone, something, I can’t point my finger on it – but she certainly doesn’t look like a boy.

I can almost feel us bonding, like spending a day at the most backwater, rundown salon imaginable. There’s no exfoliating mask or sea-salt scrub, but we look and feel different – better.

Peter Pan. That’s who Janette reminds me of, that chick who played Peter Pan on stage. I’d tell Janette but I don’t think she’d take it as a compliment. I wish she was Peter Pan, I wish she could fly up and out of here and find us all some help.


4 Responses to “09-26-09 – The Dirty Girls Social Club”

  1. anonymous Says:

    the city is overrun. chicago gone too. get out of the city, get out as fast as you can.

  2. Haircuts, that’s a good idea, also one less thing for Them to grab onto. We’ve been trapped in a library for a week now…only three of us left out of the original 37. Mostly ‘floaters’ in this area, as you call them. Books are the only thing keeping us going. Wont last much longer, we have no weapons and they are slowing breaking down our defenses. Hope you have better luck than us.

  3. This is fascinating. More, please!

  4. Wasabista Says:

    Trapped in my “mansion” (tiny flat) in Tokyo for over two weeks. Plentiful rainwater so no toilet problems, but afraid to drink it. Rice crackers running low. Doors and windows strong enough against groaners (thank God for earthquake-proof construction!). Save yourselves.

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