10-07-09 – Letters to a Young Poet


Seeing as how we’re technically now part of a relief effort (whatever that means), Ted and I have decided to embark on a project of sorts. We have begun collecting haiku from the survivors here in order to bring you a little hope, a little sunshine. Also, many of the people I’ve met here are intrigued by the blog; they think I’m a bit mad, but I don’t mind.

We cannot get out
but the arena is huge
and they have showers.
– Ted

Chemistry is hard
but it’s extra hard if you’re
dumb like Allison.
– Ted

Ted smells like an ass,
but really, that’s nothing new.
Thank God for showers.
– Allison

Um, I don’t get it,
why are you writing poems
for the internet?
– Collin (Ghost Written by Allison)

I’m learning to shoot;
the guns are loud and heavy.
C says: Deal with it.
– Allison

What is a haiku?
I’m just a big stupid mutt;
Oh look! A pork bone.
– Take a Wild Fucking Guess – he’s licking his butt right now…

I hope you enjoyed that Amanda. I enjoyed it, but only because it gave me a reason to beat on Ted.


9 Responses to “10-07-09 – Letters to a Young Poet”

  1. Johnny Jokester Says:

    Funnier than a zombie knock knock joke!

  2. brynsul Says:

    I eagerly await more of this amazing work. Please keep writing.

  3. library gone
    everyone else mostly dead
    alive but weary

  4. Ahhhhh, survivors. Excellent. My boys and girls here in tech have got our computers up and running and God is it damn good to see text from humans sprawled around. Now we just have to get to work on post-apocalyptic Google…. hmmmm, Zomble?…..Anyway we were able to rig a compound in our city’s university. We’re holed up with guns, ammo and LARP-ing equipment. And we got the bath to work(Praise whatever deity you choose) and our resident chem major is working on anti-undead devices. Food isn’t scarce and survivors are incoming and eager to help. The lake provides us with freshwater and we’ve cleared out our village. Things are looking up in this grim future we share. Who knows, perhaps we will live to discuss this over drinks someday.


  5. somehowstillalive Says:

    You’ve inspired me, Allison. I’ve started my own blog. How this site still works is a mystery to me, they must have had some pretty good servers set up.

    We’re sturggling, but atill alive and still safe. I hope you’re doing better at the university than you were before.

  6. You’ve left me wanting more.

    Will read that book you referred to earlier.

  7. Matthew H Says:

    Our God in heaven
    Hallowed be thy holy name
    Come, thy kingdom, come.

    Let thy will be done
    Just as it is in heaven.
    Give us bread this day

    Forgive us our sins
    As we forgive others’ sins.
    Tempt us not, O God.

    From evil, free us.
    Thine is the kingdom, power,
    Glory – forever.


  8. Carlene Says:

    Surviving here in Alaska. We’re pretty self reliant as it is… We have a good population in our clan right now, about 20 of us. Things have reverted back to the days of the Native Alaska… There are a few clans but we are separated by miles of temperate rain forest, wild animals, groaners, as you call them, and some infected animals. We take shifts keeping constant watch of our surroundings at all hours. The infected animals are surprisingly easy to deal with, they have no logic, stealth, or sense of purpose, just the mindless, uncontrolled drive to attack, though they are quite a bit faster then the “human” zombies, for lack of a better word. The uninfected animals seem to fully understand the nature of the virus, they keep far clear of other infected creatures, and they seem to know not to eat the remains of the slaughtered undead, which, in my opinion, accounts for the low amount of cases in the area.
    It’s good to know there are still conscious, living people out there in the world… Keep telling your story. Keep reminding us there is hope to regain our planet. Keep reminding us that you are alive.

  9. I’m holding out rather fine here at the family acreage… For now. KC is overrun, and so are most of the outlying towns now……… We’re running out of food, and the ‘visits’ are getting more frequent. We post guards in shifts, and as I worked nights I usually get that watch, and sleep during the day….

    I’m just glad that I was getting ready for a Ren Faire when the outbreak went down….. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had my blades at the house. A well made sword is a wonderful thing to have at times like these.

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