10-26-09 – Possession Pt. II

I approached the problem in steps.

The first step was to get my laptop back, to go for little victories and see just what I could get out of our jailer. The next time she came to give us food I was waiting at the door.

“Can I have my laptop?” I asked, using my most polite voice. She laughed, shaking her head shoving the plate underneath the door so hard that most of the oatmeal spilled out. “Please?”


The next time she came I tried the same thing. “Can I have my laptop? I just want something to do. I’m going crazy down here.”

“You will call for helps,” she said, shining the flashlight right in my eyes. “Too much funny business.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head emphatically, “If there’s no internet, no connection, then I can’t call for help. Look, I promise, I just want something to keep me busy. No funny business.”


“But…” Fuck, what will get her to go for it… “But I just need to work out some thoughts, you k now? I’ve been doing some thinking and… Well, maybe you guys are right, you know? About this whole end of the world thing.”

“We are right?”

“Yeah! Yes! I just want to think some things over and… Writing out my feelings… It really helps, helps me sort out my thoughts. No funny business, I promise.”

“No funny business?” she repeats, intrigued.


She comes back an hour later with my backpack. Before opening the padlock she searches through it, taking out anything she thinks might be “funny” – a USB drive, a pocketknife, a hair pin, a CD. I wait on the other side of the room from her to make her feel more at ease and she carefully unlocks the padlock, drops the bag in and slams the door.

“No funny business!” she shouts, rattling the door menacingly.

“Deal. No funny business.”

There’s no outlet and probably no electricity anyway so I’m forced to use the battery conservatively. I only open the laptop to shine it around and check out the cell and to write bits and pieces so I will be able to remember things later. I know now that there might be a way out. Our jailer isn’t terribly bright and that makes me giddy with hope. I shine the screen at Ned’s cell. He’s sitting close to the chains and squints back at me. There’s a deep cut over his eye and a bruise along his cheekbone.

“Phase one complete,” I say, grinning. My head is still killing me and the headaches are pretty much nonstop but this is something to be proud of.

“I can’t believe you,” he says, shaking his head, “You’re going to be seriously fucked when they figure out you haven’t had a change of heart. They’ll bash your head in with that laptop of yours.”

“Might not be so bad. I mean, what exactly would a change of heart entail? Fucking you?”

Ha. Ha.

“Maybe they’ll find someone dead sexy for their Adam. You never know…”

“You’ve lost it.”

“Don’t be so judgmental, Ned. We all grieve in different ways: some of us try to go on living, looking for the good in the bad, relying on the silver lining, and others of us go fucking bat shit insane and start an end of days cult. Each to their own and all that. Who are you to say they’re wrong?”

“I think your one small victory has gone to your head,” he says dryly, stretching out on the floor.

“Not at all. I mean, what have we learned today? Helga is an imbecile, gullible as all get out, and willing to bargain with us. I’d say that’s a big victory, not a small one.”

“Yes, and unless you’re fucking MacGyver, that laptop isn’t going to do shit for us.”

“Baby steps, Ned, baby steps.”

[To be continued…]


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