01-07-2010 – A Message from the Author

Hello everyone!

By now you’re wondering what the hell happened to Allison and why, why, why she dropped off the face of the planet. Did she die? Did her author suddenly suffer a blow to the head and forget all about the story? The answer is: None of the above!

So I have some exciting news and news that I hope excites all of you, too. If you’re still out there and still wondering what happens to Allison (which I sincerely hope you are), you’ll get a chance to read her story from beginning to end. There is a conclusion and I haven’t been withholding it just to torture you. I’ve had the amazing fortune of being contacted to turn Allison into a novel, and that only happened because of the readers, you out there, who spread the word about this blog. So first and foremost, a thank you from the bottom of my heart, your participation and reactions mean the world to me. I can honestly say that you’ve changed my life. How often does that happen?

The novel will include what is already here in the blog, but what you see here is only about half the content. The second half of the story will be available 2011 at a bookstore, internet, Kindle, Nook, reader, wherever, near you!

Now, I know you might think: “That sucks, I didn’t have to pay for the first half, why should I buy the book? You tricked me!” I can honestly tell you that the book will be more polished, more complete and, let’s be honest, a writer has to eat. I began the blog as an experiment because I love horror fiction and I’ve always had an interest in serial writing. I never expected to profit off of the writing I did here but I hope, because writing is my life’s passion, that you all can understand why I might want to.

And I hope you do buy the book, because select comments from the blog will be included as part of the story, your comments. The blog format will be intact and it should be a similar experience to what you’ve read here but with many new chapters and, obviously, an ending! You can also look super cool when you tell your friends: “I read the first half of that book before it was even published! I am ahead of my time, suckers!”

So there’s the reason for my (and Allison’s) absence. I apologize for not saying something sooner but it wasn’t really an option. I didn’t abandon you all for the hell of it. I understand if you need to hurl abuse, but try to understand that you made a dream of mine come true and that’s something I’ll always be thankful for. Please know that if you do decide to purchase the book, you’ll be supporting a very humbled young writer, not a scheming fat cat laughing maniacally behind a stainless-steel desk somewhere. Whatever you decide, sharing this experience with a bunch of generous strangers has been absolutely unforgettable.

I’ll be posting more in the future with updates, news and I’ll also be happy to respond to any questions you might have.

Allison’s story isn’t over. She’ll live in 2011 and I hope you’ll be there for the ride.

P.S. Oh right, there’s also a sequel.



33 Responses to “01-07-2010 – A Message from the Author”

  1. I read the first half of that book before it was even published! I am ahead of my time, suckers!

  2. Congratulations. I’ve always thought this blog was book worthy and I’m now glad to see I wasn’t wrong. I look forward to it. I have to admit one of my favorite parts of the blog was seeing the various interpretations of the folks commenting on posts. It gave a global perspective of what was happening and made for a more complete and satisfying read. Best wishes and cheers.

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      Thanks, Chris. I never expected so many people to comment and add their piece of the story. I’m glad that global aspect will make it into the book and preserve the original feeling we had going here. :] Thanks for your comment.

  3. anniepogue Says:

    congratulations! i enjoyed reading the blog, and i’m glad that the story isn’t over yet. best of luck!

  4. Congrats, looking forward to the release!

  5. Congratulations! That’s really exciting – glad to hear you’re going to be able to take the story to the next level. I had always thought this would be a great framework for a graphic novel, but actually it’s even more exciting that it’s going to be in true novel format as it will likely mean more written content… lucky for us readers! It’s been a great ride so far, and I’m looking forward to snapping the book up as soon as it’s available!

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      If I had any art skills of my own I’d illustrate it in a heartbeat! Thanks for your reply. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with the actual date of release.

  6. I’m not surprised at all. This story absolutely deserved to be in print. I’ll always remember this experience as well, and I’ll always be a fan. Best of luck!

  7. a huge fan Says:


    no really, I’m very happy to hear the good news. congratulations, you deserve it.

    i for one, will be buying several copies.

  8. I just happened to look back here today because I was thinking about Allison. I used to check everyday, and then that became a little stalker-ish, so I toned it down. I was very disappointed when I kept coming back and nothing was new, but I still hoped that there was more to come. I’m so excited that you’re writing a book! I’ve never read a more engrossing story, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out! I will definitely be purchasing a copy, and I only wish it was coming out sooner!! Congratulations!

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      Thank you so much, Lauren. It’s hard to communicate just how difficult it was to leave you guys hanging for so long. I didn’t want to jump the gun and make an announcement before everything was set and official. I cannot wait to see what you guys think of the final product – especially the ending! Thanks for your warm note, it means a lot.

  9. Yay, i will wait eagerly for 2011 to buy your book as soon as it hits the shelves, t’internet etc.. Really really pleased for you, you are a very talented writer and you certainly had me gripped, good luck with all. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. :):):) and keep it up… 🙂 oh and congratulations.


    ps i also felt slightly like a stalker, i check quite often for updates, always with a heavy heart when there wasn’t one. It was fazed.net that put me on to you in the first place. God love it.
    pps going to stop now before i start gushing!

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      It’s not stalking it’s… supporting! Haha, and I love it. Thank you for the kind words. I hope the book makes you happy and satisfies your Allison craving. :]

  10. T.Hastings Says:

    I will definitely be purchasing a copy of the book! I love the writings in the blog, and I have been hoping for more!! Congratulations on being published! (I am jealous!)

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      Thanks, T. I feel so fortunate to get this opportunity, but really, without you guys spreading the word and leaving awesome comments I don’t think it would have ever gotten noticed. You all make this project better than I imagined it. 🙂 I can’t wait to see some reactions to the full text!

  11. Now we need to start taking bets on how long it takes to make it into a movie!

  12. I always viewed the comments on the posts from people all over the world to be one of the best parts of the blog format, because it allowed some of us to add our own little tales to the story. Of course none of that would have been possible for us to do if the original story itself weren’t so darn compelling. So, congrats on the book deal.

  13. I put a comment up a while ago saying if there was any justice in the world this would make you famous.
    I like to think that I will be justified for making that comment.


    • allisonhewitt Says:

      I don’t know about fame – I’m just excited to bring Allison to a broader audience! Thank you for your sweet comments and your excellent foresight. 😉

  14. Gilligiggle Says:

    HOORAY!!!!! I haven’t checked in since mid-Jan and was like many of the other readers (checking daily for updates). But I finally remembered today when I was reading Pajiba (it was their Pajiba Love list that got me onto the blog back in the early days). They had an article today about the Best Female Action Heros and I thought that Allison would easily be in my list, and I am just so excited to hear it’s going to be a book.
    Thank you so much for keeping up the writing and for updating this blog. Can’t wait to buy the book (and a few other copies for friends and family for Christmast). I used to share a house with a writer, and they were by no means exploiting their audience by trying to make ends meet.
    Will you have a mailing list or something where you can let us know the release date and where to buy it?
    Again, so excited and congratulations!

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      There’s a Facebook group up now if you’re interested in joining/spreading the word. It’s just called Allison Hewitt is Trapped so that should come up in a search on FB. There really won’t be much news until things start to gear up for the release next winter. Leading up to the release I’ll probably run a few silly contests here and on facebook to get people excited.

      Given the size of the publisher, I’m assuming the book will be widely available at bookstores and online.

      Also, thanks for remembering and checking in! It makes me giddy every time someone posts a new comment on this page. I owe a good deal of Allison’s success to Pajiba and to their readers for connecting with the blog. Maybe eventually Allison can make the list of literary female action heroes!

  15. HELL YA, I love this story so much. I have read several zombie novels before reading this, and this one blows the rest out of the water and its not even finished yet. I’ve been stalking the page since Sept, and I was worried when you stopped updating but now I’m so happy that its continuing. This story inspired me to even try the whole writing thing out lol. Congrats on getting published, and I’m buying the book the day it comes out.

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      Thank you, Sean! How exciting to hear that the blog inspired you to start your own projects! That’s pretty much the best outcome, in my opinion. I know the book won’t be released until next year, but I’m already getting so excited from the comments here.

      Part of me wishes I could just fast-forward to next winter. I really hope you all stick around and let me know what you think of the ending. I’m going to be a bundle of nerves waiting to here what you guys thought! ❤

  16. I found this website on StumbleUpon back in November, i love this story, I’ve been looking for inspiration to write a story based during a zombie apocalypse(and after). and I have found it..I apologize for not checking up on the story sooner..I stopped coming to the website a couple of days after the Helga and Allison smack-down sketch was posted…I’m very glad this will become a novel, and I hope you sell many, many copies..I sure as hell will by the novel!
    Stay Alive and stay strong!-Colin

    • allisonhewitt Says:

      Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your own writing! You might want to check out the book World War Z and the graphic series Walking Dead. They’re both awesome, creative stories involving zombies. Thanks again for visiting and leaving a comment!

      PS Nice name. 😉

      • good to see you like my name 😛 I own a copy of world war Z, zombie survival guide, and dead city, plus i have ALOT of zombie movies on disc, so combined with your website and all of this zombie stuff, i’m getting some work done on it!, one day I”ll create a website for it, when that day comes i’d like to have your opinion on the story! 🙂

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! I am SO excited to read the book! Yea, women authors!

  18. Wow. I also came over from a link on fazed, and I was one of the copycats who started a similar blog, altho mine didn’t go on nearly as long as yours did. 😉

    I checked every day, at home or on my iPhone at work to see what new developments may have been posted. After awhile I stopped visiting because I thought you had given up on the project, and tonight I randomly decided i should check it out and see if anything had happened in the meantime.

    It’s good to hear stories like this – amazing things still happen, a true testament to the power of the internet!

    And how exciting it is to have gotten in on this whole thing on the ground floor, and to have participated somewhat in it’s development! Don’t forget about us! 🙂

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